Friday, January 7, 2011

Doing the Christmas Wrap

The boys participated in some of the Christmas gift-buying this year.  The boys each drew the name of a cousin to buy a gift for and I thought they would enjoy picking out a gift to give to each other, as well.  This might have gone more smoothly if they hadn't been in the same cart with each other.  Yeah, we'll have to remedy that next year. 

So as we walked along the packed aisles (because there's nothing like shopping just a couple of days before Christmas!) I would whisper to each boy individually "Do you think Brother would like this?" - I might have had a strong influence on what they got each other.  Maybe I'll remedy that next year, too, and let them truly pick out what they think the other would want.  (I'm sure it will help splitting them up to shop instead of trying to be all secretive.) 

We then had to find some time when one or the other was napping/out of the room to wrap the gift up.  They both loved wrapping - especially the tape part. 

Time to cut the paper.  See all that tape lined up?  I bought tape refills but didn't have the tape dispenser - so I spent my whole wrapping experience snipping tape and lining it up on the table for easier access.

Wrapping up cousin Jesse's Farkle game (again, I may have had a hand in choosing what the boys got for their cousins).

Alex's turn to try to cut - notice the red line?  He tried very hard to stay on the line.  He may have gone off course just a smidge...

Wahoo!  Tape time!

All finished and ready to give to Brandon! 

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