Friday, January 7, 2011

Clean Up

The other day (okay, more than the other day, it was before Christmas) I let the boys play with .... moon sand.  It was something Ajay got as a Christmas gift a couple of years ago and I had never been brave enough to open it to be played with.  I finally opened it with the hopes that it wouldn't be as messy as I had feared.  It was.  And since Biju would prefer that I don't vacuum while I'm pregnant, I put the little mess-makers to work and had them do the dirty work!

I think they had as much fun cleaning as they did playing!


The Rouse House said...

Vacuuming is such a fun chore :) Why doesn't he want you to vacuum while you're pregnant?

Kalinda said...

It falls in the same line as picking up heavy items. I've stopped picking up Ajay and it's time for me to stop picking up Alex. Now I need to convince Biju that picking up laundry baskets is just as heavy and that he'll have to take over that task, as well!! :)~

Michelle said...

Just a little word of advice - we have lots of moon sand and it's an outside activity only. I put it in a low sided plastic container with a lid. It measures maybe 2 feet by 1 1/2 feet. All the neighborhood kids flock over when it's pulled out like flies on poop. There are usually eight or so of them gathered around playing in it and having a ball. I've got lots of scoops and molds in there. Then when it's all done the lid goes back on and I just sweep the little bit into the grass.