Sunday, January 16, 2011

Christmas Eve

Catching up on things....

As mentioned in my "Christmas Past" post we have a tradition of going to my grandparents on Christmas Eve.  My grandma passed away 4.5 years ago but we still gather with my grandpa on that special holiday night.  The family keeps growing and growing so it's usually a trick to get a good seat.  Kids, of course, get to cozy up to a nice piece of carpet.

Biju and the boys and I drove up on Friday, Christmas Eve Day.  The night before Alex had started feeling a smidge warm.  He woke up the next day acting fine and didn't feel warm, so we decided to go ahead and visit the fam.  By the time we got to Grandpa's, though, his fever was back on the rise.  By dinner time he had reached 103 point something.  We gave him some medicine and he finally started feeling well enough to eat a little something - my aunt gave him some orange slices and my dad sat with him to keep him company.  I'm sure Dad didn't mind since the living room was so crowded - he is an introvert, you know.

 After we all had a yummy dinner (less hectic this year because we ate in shifts - kids first, then adults) we sat around the Christmas tree and started in on the gifts.  Again, the kids went first.  We went in rotation - youngest to oldest, open one gift, then start again, youngest to oldest, with another gift.

Tessa chewing her presents open.

Logan getting in on the action.

Grandpa wanted to see the little critter (zhu-zhu pet) that Ajay was playing with.

The boys opening a joint gift - a movie from Aunt Tina and Aunt Theresa.

Before we started opening gifts we read a short passage from this booklet, to remind the kids why we celebrate Christmas.  After the kids were done opening, Logan kept coming into the living room to do a little light reading. 

After they finished up and went into another room to play with their new goodies the adults started in.  This time we went oldest to youngest, but instead of doing one gift at a time, we let the adult open whatever they had in front of them.  Grandpa got this great magnifying glass to help him read.... love this pic!  

Once the gift giving was through, some headed off to "midnight" mass (at 10pm) while the rest of us went home to get the little ones tucked into bed and wait up for Santa. 

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