Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Congratulations to
Janel and Heath!!!

On Saturday, we took a little road trip to celebrate the marriage of a close friend. I've known Janel for 11+ years now, I do believe. We met in the Fall of '98 through Elissa, whom I had met that fall in my theatre classes. Elissa introduced me to Janel and Natalie, then Natalie met Lisa at work, and the 5 of us hung out through the rest of our college days. After college, I also got to know Morgan and Erin who had known Elissa, Janel and Natalie since middle school. After college, Lisa and I met Tonya. The 8 of us make time whenever we can to get together - M&M parties (Movies & Margaritas), bridal/baby showers, weddings, craft nights, "I really need a girls night" nights, etc. I'm thrilled to see Janel so happy with her husband Heath!!

Here is Janel being walked down the isle by her dad.

Janel and Heath

The new Mr & Mrs

The extremely yummy cakes (lemon, strawberry, vanilla and chocolate) along with the irresistible mints (and the nuts that I didn't eat because I didn't want my nose to start itching).

Hooked 4 Life....awwww!

The cutting of the cake (when they fed each other a bite, they did give each other a little smoosh)

Lisa manned the guest book and programs before the wedding, Elissa, Morgan, Erin and Natalie were bridesmaids and after the ceremony, Tonya and I cut the cake (and even resisted licking our fingers!).

I didn't get a picture of Morgan or Lisa at the reception, or even a close up shot of the newlyweds! :(

Here is Elissa with her husband, Ramece, and two girls Quiana and Lola.

Tonya and her husband, Brian.

Erin with her husband, Casey.

Natalie and her husband, Willie, and two boys, Parker and Cooper.

Me and my husband, Biju, and two boys, Ajay and Alex.

Here are some of the kids - a little red faced from running around and playing so much!

And my favorite shot, "The Girls" !! (Me, Lisa, Elissa, Morgan, Janel, Natalie, Erin, Tonya)

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Dorcas said...

Hi Kalinda, your pictures are beautiful and you all look great.