Monday, May 3, 2010

Biju's Birthday + A Garden

Biju had another birthday. Funny how those things keep coming around. We didn't do anything too grand. We went to an Indian restaurant in town for lunch. We'd been to this place in the past but they changed buildings so wanted to see what they were like in their new digs. Turns out they were pretty much the same...but busier. It was nice to see them getting more business. I like having more than one Indian place to choose from. After lunch, we all took a nap. Ahhh. I love nap time. After nap, Biju made a trip to buy our plants for the garden (yay!!). Biju did most of the planting this year, but Ajay and Alex and I did get our hands a bit dirty. A little.

While B was out planting, the boys and I made up his birthday cake. I typically make the cake and icing from scratch, because it tastes so much better, but this year we just went with the boxed cake mix and tub of frosting. I had asked him to pick out the flavor he wanted - he came home with two cake mixes and two frostings. Ha! (Don't worry, we put the second pair away for another day.)

Ajay wanted to help with the frosting and sprinkles (what kid wouldn't??)

Alex figured he needed to "help" out by taste-testing the frosting.

When it came time for cake and ice cream, I didn't manage to get a still shot, I just got a video clip of the boys and I singing the Happy Birthday song. (Which, by the way, the boys had been singing to him all day long.)

Here is a quick rundown of our garden this year:

In this corner this year we have okra (on the left side) and watermelon (on the right).

In this section, starting on the left, we planted two rows of Peaches'n'Cream Corn, then two rows of green beans, then 4 tomato plants, 4 pepper plants and one hot pepper plant. We have since bought our zucchini plants, 2 sets, and they will get planted tomorrow, where that big open space is on the right.

We used a new space this year. It is up against the house, and we're hoping it works well for the STRAWBERRIES we planted. Sadly, we have to pop off every bloom that comes on this year, but it is only for the good of the plant. Hopefully next year we'll have more strawberries than we'll know what to do with! There are 10 starts in there.

I can't wait to put new photos of the garden on here, with lots of green growing everywhere - and I don't mean weeds!

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The Rouse House said...

Happy Birthday, Biju!!

My garden STILL isn't in. I'm beginning to wonder if I bought those seeds for nothing.