Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Poll

I went to the grocery store yesterday after picking Ajay up from school. I did I could do to get in and get out with just the one thing I went in for. I thought "I'm here, what else do we need?" However, I knew Biju would be making a run to our regular store (with better prices) and I needed to get home to make the boys lunch (which was what I went to the store for in the first place). No time for looking around just to see if there was anything else we "needed." As it was, I still grabbed something else that was on the shelf next to the thing I went in for. Alas, I walked away from the store with three items instead of just the one...but it was less than what I could've bought!
So there is a poll (to the right of the page) asking how well YOU do when you go to the store for just one thing.
Happy voting!

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