Friday, April 2, 2010

Crafting fun!

In one of my recent posts, I commented that I was able to finish up a couple of projects. Now that each party has received their gift, I can post a pic!
I actually made up four of these bags. They were all supposed to be Christmas gifts, but two got delayed in the making.
SIL Jaime got a bag made with blues and grays (without lining), SIL Brandi got a bag with browns and oranges (lined with some sort of mesh material), Mom got the green one shown below (she got to hold it at Christmas, still attached to a yarn ball, then had to give it back so I could finish it!), and sis Shelly got the purple one below for her birthday, which was last Friday.
I am no seamstress - by any stretch of the imagination - so the lining is a little funky. But I've seen the purple one in action, and the lining makes a huge difference.

I got the pattern here - I thought they could use them as actual market bags. I do believe 2 of them are being used as craft bags (Brandi keeps losing her crochet hooks through the mesh/crochet!) and Shelly has used hers as a diaper bag.
I'm currently working on another project, but as that is intended as a gift, I can't tell you what it is. I do hope to find myself a nice poncho pattern to make for myself. I've been on the hunt for just the right pattern for months now!!
Are you working on a project? Please, do share!

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They look really cute!