Thursday, June 11, 2009

Playing catch-up

This is my 3rd post for the day. Trying to get all caught up with everything, to keep you all current :) This post will have a few random things.
Some good friends of ours moved away about 2 years ago and we miss them very much! Luckily they still have strong ties to Kansas so they are up visiting right now. We missed seeing them in December because I had the flu then we flew to India. Again, I ended up with the flu during their time in KS, but since we weren't flying to another country we were able to postpone the visit until I was healthy again (and Biju, too, since we had the same thing). Tonya brought Helen (9 mo. older than Ajay), Henri (9 mo. younger than Ajay) and Heather (6 wks. younger than Alex) and we're hoping to meet up with Andrew in a couple weeks when he makes it to town. The little ones had a blast running around the backyard - Heather kept trying to drink the dirty wading-pool water while Alex kept trying to eat the dirt/mud from the yard. Helen, Henri and Ajay played Knights and Princesses, and in one of the pictures, you can see them sitting astride a dragon, I believe. I made up a popcorn snack (the "old fashioned" way - on the stove top!) that the kids really dug.... do you know how hard it is to get a decent picture of 5 children 4 years old and younger??

This next blurb is a little sad. I'm so sad that Ajay seems to have had a reaction to one of his booster shots. While we were driving to his well-check, the big guy kept telling us he didn't want any shots. I couldn't tell him he wouldn't get any, but I told him I didn't think he needed any. We just switched doctor offices and apparently the new place figured he was due for his boosters. We did the DTaP, Polio (combined shot) and a Hep A (since we do a lot of travelling). He'll need a 2nd Hep A in 6 months, if I remember correctly. He was brave but let out quite the yelp when the needles went in. I'm glad Biju was there to help keep him still for the second shot. It just broke my heart to see him crying like that. The next day (yesterday) his thigh was a bit swollen and tight and felt hot and Ajay kept itching. The nurse reassured me that unfortunately, sometimes these things happen and to ice it. I called later about the itching and she said to use hydrocortizone. Today the redness had spread, it's still a bit tight and warm, and he'll occassionally itch his leg. I will likely call the doctor's office again tomorrow morning unless, by some miracle, the rash has disappeared by the time he wakes up.
This next section consists of random pictures that I think my kids look especially cute in.
Alex climbed into the entertainment center:

An impassioned Ajay trying to keep Alex away from his food coloring and water experiment!

Bathtime silliness:
Ajay getting ready to smack the bubbles in his hand, Alex somehow knowing something big is about to happen:

Smack! Bubbles everywhere!

Aww! One of the rare moments both boys are playing side by side without hurting each other!

Petting Gracie:

Tonight, before stories and prayers:

My next goal? Get some of the videos of the boys on here :)

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