Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy for my boys!

Ajay got his letter yesterday saying he got into preschool. It didn't state why he got into the class, maybe because he refused to take the test, but I'm just happy he'll be able to go.
Alex has figured out how to jump. Both feet off the floor. Usually he lands on his diaper instead of his feet, but it's adorable to watch. He's quite proud of himself, too, as evident by the look on his face. (He's also figured out the word "no" - not so much of a happy moment for me!)
Biju has survived another round of layoffs. There will be more let go in August but I don't think they'll be coming from his department. There has been a shuffle in positions so he'll be learning a new task. He's finished 2 weeks of his furlough and has two more to go.

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The Rouse House said...

Yay for your boys! We're worried for you everytime they announce layoffs.