Thursday, June 11, 2009

How does your garden grow?

Well, this next post here should be Ajay's 1st-2nd year photos but I have not gotten around to sorting through those shots yet. Instead, I'm going to show pictures of our garden and give a little update on how things are growing.

Out of the 7 stalks of corn, 4 are doing quite well, 2 are pretty decent, and the last one is the one that was knocked over by Alex but still fighting for a chance. I think the bunnies are still nibbling on all of them but they're growing so quickly I think they'll soon be out of reach for the little thieves. Our zucchini plants are quite large and have little orange-yellow flowers all over. I love looking at our baby zukes growing! Tomato plants are getting really full and I've seen a couple little yellow flowers bloom. No signs of fruit, yet, tho. Same with the peppers - not as full, but trying. Many little flowers, they've been flowering for awhile now, but also, no fruit. Our peas are all but gone. Just little stems where the leaves should be. Blasted Bunnies!!! Onions are busy growing underground. I chopped off the tops a few weeks back to let the nutrients go into growing the bulb instead of the tops. The tops grew back pretty quickly, so I'm hoping that means there are full onions just blooming underneath! The eggplant are filling out nicely, also. I don't know how long it will take to start dropping fruit, but I'm enjoying looking at the soft leaves frow. Our bush beans are growing nicely, quite leafy. The spaghetti squash is starting to have buds the look like the zucchini did before they had flowers, so maybe that means we'll start growing squash instead of just leaves soon!?

Here are some pics of everything. Enjoy!
Bush beans (green beans) and the lone spaghetti squash:
The full view of the "big" garden:
The corn:
The two tomato plants (I think they have Early Blight??), with eggplant, onions, peppers, peas in the background:

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