Monday, March 2, 2009


Alex has decided he really enjoys this walking thing. He took his first steps 2 days before his first birthday, but didn't really take any more steps for a week or so. Then he started taking 3 steps at a time, which quickly turned into 5 or 6 steps, and it multiplied from there. My little toddler is now making his way around our house with relative ease, even being able to walk to a spot, stop, turn around, and walk in the other direction. This usually results in falling on his cloth diapered (so very cushioned) bottom after 3-4 steps, but I love how he is discovering new ways to put his talent to work. I got a video clip of him walking just this morning, so I'll share that with you all. The boys (and I) have been sick lately. Alex didn't care to stay still, however Ajay didn't mind snuggling up with a pillow on the couch and watching tv/videos all day to stay rested, and keep his mind off of being sick. The fevers lasted 4-6 days for each boy, but I think we're finally out of fever-land! Now everyone just has the lingering cough and stuffy/runny nose. So along w/ the video of Alex walking, I'll share a few pics of the boys this morning.

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Ravi and Evie said...

You have a teething necklace I see.. How does it work for you? We have one too but it does not seem to do a thing. Ravi thinks he looks like a Hindu Swamy (the priest) when he wears it and wont let me take a picture of it in fear his parents will question it.. LOL