Monday, March 2, 2009

Conversations about God

Ajay has been full of questions lately. A lot about many different things, but a topic that comes up frequently, is God. These questions are difficult to answer - I want to be sure to give a clear, concise answer, but one that doesn't cause confusion, or lead to any type of fear about death and whatnot. I'll give a few examples of our conversations.

We've talked about how God makes everything, so one evening while doing his business on the toilet (he'll love me for sharing this story), he looked at me (perched on the edge of the tub) and said "Can you ask God not to make my poop so big?"

An example of an unclear answer would be:
Ajay: Why did God make everything?
Me: (pause to think) Because God is the Creator.
A: Why is God the creator?
M: hmm.....Good question. We'll have to ask when we get to heaven!

We've briefly discussed the devil, and how he wants us to do bad things, and that he lives in hell, which is the opposite of heaven. His comment about the devil was: "The police need to catch the devil!"

And my favorite conversation about God to date happened while we were at the table, getting ready for lunch. Out of the clear blue, he asked:
A: What color is God's house?
M: I don't know...what do you think?
A: (without having to think too much about it) I think it's purple. What about you?
M: I think it'
A: What color does Alex think it is?
(of course that question will have to wait until Alex can answer on his own!)

I tell ya, whether it's a question about God, or where the skin went from the dinosaur bones, or anything else plucked from think air, the mind of a three year old is a puzzle to a grown-up!!

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