Friday, March 13, 2009

Not again!

The boys are sick. Again. Both boys went to bed with a fever last night, and they did so again tonight. Ajay did pretty well throughout the day, only felt slightly warm to the touch. Alex was warmer and was measuring in the 100-101 range. I tried to steer clear of the medicines to let the fever fight whatever infection might be going on in their little bodies, but when Alex got to 102.6, he got a dose of Tylenol. That was at 5 so I couldn't give him more T when he went down for bed (and he finished off his Motrin at 5am this morning so I couldn't give him any M). Ajay "decided" to run a fever as he was calming down for bedtime, it was 100.6... not too high but I figured it was likely on the rise so I gave him his Motrin to help him sleep better. Alex also had diarrhea earlier in the day. The kid hates to have his diaper changed so having it repeatedly changed was not making him any happier! He got away from me and toddled around the house diaperless for a bit. I had to get my camera out (I know he'll thank me for this later). While I was snapping the fourth picture I heard him grunting.... ACK!! While I tried to clean up that gift, he produced a 2nd and a 3rd gift for me. The poor rug. (I won't post the 4th picture, upon further inspection I see I got some of the "action" in the shot!)

Yesterday I let Ajay hang out in his jammies all day, and pretty much laze about on the couch. At one point he told me he was getting his energy back, so we baked a cake. It was a lemon cake recipe from his Highlights High Five Magazine (geared towards kids ages 2-6). I couldn't believe it, but for the whole cake-making process, he actually followed my instructions and wiped his nose with a Kleenex instead of on the back of his hand! He did most of the steps, but I think his favorite part was the "wixing" (whisking). After the cake was snuggled all warm in the oven, I told him how fun it was to see the ingredients go from dry, to a batter, to being changed (irreversible change) by the heat and turn into a cake. He asked me to turn the oven light on so he could watch the process. (He got bored after a few minutes, so he read a little bit, then came back towards the end) After he tasted the cake, he decided he didn't like the flavor. I find it quite to my liking. Here's my little chef, pink cheeks and all.

I also wanted to share, while I'm here, a couple of pics of the boys from the few days we had where they were both feeling decent. Ajay didn't care that it was raining, he wanted to play outside. Alex didn't care that it was raining, he wanted to be outside playing with Big Brother, but he didn't get to go out. He tried to sway my decision with his big brown eyes. He's my little cuddler. It's usually just a brief nod of affection, but thats enough for me :)

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