Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Easter on the farm

April, part two.

The boys and I headed up to my parents farm for Easter.  Now and then we like to make our visits a bit longer than just the weekend so we left Biju behind (you know, so he could go to work and all) and we drove up a bit early.  The boys were thrilled that I treated them to a Happy Meal.

I went for a "run" around on of the pastures.  Dad had mowed a path but he just couldn't do anything about the terrain.  I was certain I would twist an ankle!  Aren took my photo afterward.

Aren helped Papa moving some wood to a wood pile.

Jenna and I took the older boys to a neighboring town to watch Nana walk in a parade.

Candy from the parade is a must.

My mom (far right) walking with her co-workers to form an American flag.

After the parade we stopped at the local flower shop to pick up some black flowers.  That evening we celebrated my sister's 40th birthday.

I happened to have my camera in my purse so after Easter Mass I took a photo of Father with the boys.

Papa out fishing with the grand kids.  It just isn't a visit to the farm without a little fishing!  Photo'd here is Papa with Paige and Ajay.

Ajay taught Brandon how to finger knit!

Some of the kids getting ready for their Easter-egg hunt!

After the hunt Dad and my brothers planted an apple tree.  We thought it would be the perfect time to get a photo of all 6 of us.  Dad, Mom, then youngest to oldest, Jeff, Kalinda, Matt, Shelly.

This is how I found the boys sleeping the morning we left the farm.  Comfy, right?  I'm sure Aren didn't mind Alex's knee on his head.

Special treat!  Pizza and pop, a "living room picnic" and a movie.

Almost there....but not quite.  Years ago I lost a lot of weight and had my ring re-sized.  Then I got pregnant with Aren and gained all that weight back.  Since gaining the extra weight I have not been able to take my ring off.   Now that I'm losing that weight again I thought I would be getting close to being able to remove my ring.  Nope.  Can you see how swollen my finger is?  We tried so hard (one of the diamonds is loose and we'd like to have it fixed) and the guy at the store even tried Windex and that gel hand sanitizer.  Oh well.  Just a few more pounds.

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Hmmm ... somehow I missed this post .... glad I backtracked! Some great pics.