Sunday, July 6, 2014

Fixin' It Up

Do you ever see a small problem around the house and figure you want to fix it up but you let it go and let it go and next thing you know it's been over a year and the problem is still there?
A few months ago we (finally) decided to put some pulls on our cabinets and drawers.  Pulls were on our "to do" list but it didn't really bother us to not have pulls (handles).  However, while we were visiting some neighbors we saw pulls in their kitchen and we realized we wanted to bump that project to the top of the list. 
While Biju was working on that project in the kitchen he decided to patch up some of the weird holes that were there when we bought this place.  With the patched up holes came a fresh coat of paint on a couple of walls.

Measure, drill, add on the pull .... times 40  (or more, I lost count, actually!)

A couple of after shots taken by a short person.

Another pic from the view of a child.

Ajay wanted to help!

Patching and painting.

The new color was a few shades off of the old one but no worries - this new color felt fresher.

Alex wanted to help!

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