Monday, July 7, 2014

Part of April, at a glance

I apologize if I'm boring some of my readers out there - most of you are family and friends anyway so I'm sure you'll bear with me.  For the strangers who come across my blog I guess you'll just have to deal with me posting April pictures in July.  'Kay?

Here is a quick re-cap of most of April.  I'll put up a post about Easter later.

While getting ready for school one morning we saw that the light was making an awesome design on our stair case.   There was no water nearby but it looked like there was!

These are the ceramics the boys painted at a birthday party in March.  (I recently posted a photo of that party, just a day or two ago.) Alex's robot on the left, Aren's lizard that I helped him with (just guiding the brush a bit, but he did most of it and chose the colors) and Ajay's robot on the right.

We got creative at snack time one day - Ritz crackers with peanut butter, pretzels, raisins, all made to look like spiders.

Aren with some awesome shades and a straw hat.

Alex and Aren went outside and picked some pretty yellow flowers for Mama! (Note: Dandelions don't live long once plucked, even if you put them in water.)

We joined our neighbors for a cook-out.  Mr. K was even nice enough to grill my hickory black bean burgers - the grill made them taste even better!  (And Biju made sure he used separate tongs so the meat tongs weren't flipping my un-meat burgers.)

While we were grilling up front the kids were playing out back.  A swing set, a trampoline and good friends.  Ahh, Springtime.

And then there was snow. 

Aren and his train set, again.  He always likes me to take pictures of the different ways we're able to set up the track.

I taught the boys how to finger knit.  It is very quick, easy and portable.  Grab a small ball of yarn as you head out the door and the kids can stay entertained (without an electrical device) while waiting at the doctors office (or wherever).

For our last Parents as Teachers visit Miss Emily brought a "cooking" activity.  The boys got to pour, measure, mix and divide up their own trail mix.

I was a co-parent for Alex's kindergarten class.  For our Spring party, the last party of the year, we made some little treats.  I can't remember what they were really called when I found them on Pinterest but I call them little nests.  Alex enjoyed helping make the treats for his classmates.

Very Spring-like and the kids all liked them!

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