Sunday, July 6, 2014


I'm gonna throw out a few photos from a few months ago for your viewing pleasure. 

Aren was practicing his scissor skills - love that he has his tongue out to help with his concentration.

Aren loves bell peppers!!

Ajay took this photo.  He wanted to show the regular Cheerio (on the right) compared to the Super Cheerio.

Alex helped Aren make the train track into a circle.
The boys went to a birthday party in March.  It was at a ceramics studio and they got to choose their ceramic piece and the colors.  Alex doesn't look thrilled but it was just because I was taking the picture.  All three enjoyed their time there!

Construction paper, glue sticks and cut up tissue paper.  Messy but fun.

Ajay likes a good salad.  I wanted to document this.

Alex learned how to use the timer function on our camera so he used it to take this pic of himself and Aren.

Aren and his thumb with Gracie.

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