Monday, August 12, 2013

More May

Almost done with the month of May.  I'm going to toss in a couple of photos that I missed at the beginning of Biju's parents visit.
Treating his parents to some takeout.  Malaysian food.  It's too bad (or maybe it's a good thing?) that the restaurant is on the other side of town.  The boys love it and we can always get 2-3 meals for the whole family out of it!

Some of the goodies they brought us - banana chips, coconuts, coconut oil, spices, cashews and some delicious sweets!
Right after school got out a friend called up to say the city was having an event.  Free food, free bounce houses, free face painting - rock on!
Most free face paintings are just little quarter-sized drawings but these folks went all out!  Ajay, if you can't tell, chose Spiderman, Alex chose a Black Widow and Aren went with the same thing Alex had, but the painter did a limited version thinking he wouldn't hold still and it would get smudged.

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