Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Landscaping - The Front

Biju's dad loves gardening.  He doesn't have a lot of space to revel in this hobby back home so we were glad to lend him our lawn to do what he pleased while he was here.  The previous owners had already set everything up pretty nicely, we just had to get in there and see what was weed and what was pretty. 
When we moved in we had to cut down a tree that had died in the front yard. 

We were sad to see it go but knew it was just an accident waiting to happen if we left it. 
The trunk of the tree that you can see right through.
Biju and his dad found a couple of trees on sale at Lowe's.  The second one was to fill the in the space from another little tree we got rid of, also dead, on the other side of the drive.
Aren helped dig the holes for the trees :)

Some plants from before and some of the newly planted plants.

These beauties came with the house.

Just about time to plant the tree!
This is one of my favorite photos of the flowers.

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Anna said...

How nice, as the trees and flowers grow you can always remember their visit.