Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Moving In

So I got a little out of sequence last week when I posted about Ajay starting school again.  We're going to jump back to the moving process.

We did a reallllly slow move from the old place.  I do believe it took us 2 full weeks to get everything out.  And now, although we're mostly settled in our new house, we still have boxes to unpack.  All the stuff that you can't throw out but stuff you don't really use on a regular basis.  Time to start filling up storage shelves!

There were a few days when we had nothing electrical to entertain the boys - no T.V., no computer, etc.  The boys had to rely completely on their imagination and non-electrical toys.  It was quite nice, from a mother's point of view.

There are lots of kids in the neighborhood.  We're all very happy about this!  Luckily it didn't take long to meet most of the children in the area.  One day there were 9 small folk out playing in the street. There is a couple across the street with three children all around the same ages as our three. 

Plenty of bikes, scooters, racing and playing tag.  The kids go to bed exhausted almost every night.  In fact, Alex  put himself to bed at 6:10 last night.  I had to bribe him w/ playing in the sprinklers (Biju was checking them to see if they worked) to get him back out of bed. 

We rented a U-Haul two Sundays in a row.  The second Sunday we had a friend/co-worker of Biju's come to help with the heavy stuff. 

Once the couches were in the boys were given the task of putting the "feet" back on.  Can you see Aren peeking over the couch edge?

Aren wanted to get in on the action.
Once we got the computer set up the boys wasted no time figuring out it comes with it's own games.  Still no internet to play games on but they discovered Minesweeper!

We're really enjoying our new space.  The boys seem to have adjusted very well and sleep just fine in their new bedrooms.  Aren wakes up in the night now and then but I think it might have more to do with his allergies than anything else.

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