Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Uh, are you cold?

You may have noticed the temperatures dropping recently.  I think Alex has been waiting for the cooler weather.  As soon as he felt a small chill in the air he dressed appropriately.

I also took the opportunity to sort through Aren's dresser and do some reorganizing.  Getting rid of the too small clothes and whittling down his summer stash while beefing up his fall stash.  I even tested this out:
It is something I crocheted for him to wear last winter.  It actually still fits.... but is quite snug to put on so I'll just put it away.

While we're here I"ll just share a couple of other pictures taken even though they have nothing to do with being cold.

Aren interrupted Ajay's Wii time to give him some raspberries.
Alex was was working on his balancing skills.

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