Sunday, September 16, 2012

Second Thoughts (House Story, part 3)

Last post I mentioned we had taken our house off the market and we hadn't found the right house to move into.  So it seemed as though God's plan was for us to stay put.  After all, every time I had prayed about doing the right thing in regards to our housing I would hear "Be patient"  and "Just wait."  At one point, when I was particularly frustrated, I heard "I have something in mind for you."  Was I just telling myself that or was I hearing God's whisper of comfort to help get me through the doubt? 

[I should mention here that we actually did find a house mid-summer that we liked and it was in the right area.  For whatever reason, though, we couldn't commit.  The price, even though it was within the right range, didn't match up to what we thought the house was worth.  By the time we stopped dragging our feet (after a month!) and decided to put in an offer another couple came in at the same time and put in a higher offer.  We weren't too upset about losing it, though, which just goes to show that the house really wasn't supposed to be ours.]

In August I got the boys enrolled and we kept up our daily routine that had been established in this house, with this school.  Every once in awhile Biju would point out a house he'd seen online.  I wasn't actively looking for houses anymore but Biju liked to keep on top of the housing market.  He liked to see what had sold (particularly the houses we had gone to see) and what type of houses were being listed.  Somehow, though, we found ourselves doing more than just glancing at houses.  We started looking again. 

 At separate computer sessions Biju and I both noticed a house that we had seen before - it was no longer a bank owned home but it was at one point and it sold before we had a chance to snatch it up.  It was now flipped and selling for quite a lot more than the flippers paid for it, for sure!  At first we were perturbed and didn't want to even look at the house.  However, we told ourselves that it was still within our price range and it was where we wanted and it had close to everything we wanted.  Besides, it was possible that we'd been looking at flipped houses without knowing it, the only reason we were being stubborn about this house was because we knew what the original asking price was.  . 

Around the time we found the aforementioned house I decided to look at the list of bank owned houses.  I found a house that, at first, I thought was in an area that we weren't really thrilled with but the price was definitely right and it had a lot of what was on our list.  I e-mailed the address to Biju at work and he drove by after work.  That evening, we decided to e-mail our real estate agent and ask her to set up a viewing for both houses - the flipped house, and the bank owned house - the next morning.  We normally looked at houses after work but with Ajay and Alex being at school we would only have to keep an eye on Aren as we looked around. 

Timing is everything! 

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