Saturday, September 15, 2012

Not much success to start off with (House Story, part 2)

One evening last spring,while walking around the track at the gym, Biju and I came across the topic of selling our house.  We thought we might be ready to sell in a year or two.  Or maybe three.  But the more we talked the more the timeline shrunk.  Then we got a wild thought.  Why not list the house just to see if there would be an interest in the house.  Just to see.   After all, it's all in God's hands.  If it is meant to be it will be. 

We listed our house in May with the thought that we would test the real estate waters.  If the house hadn't sold by the time school started up again we would take it off the market and just wait until next Spring to try again.  

Over the summer Biju and I found ourselves in front of the computer many a night looking through the houses listed online.  At first it was a lot of fun.  We were keeping just about any area in town in mind and we were just looking for the right house at the right price.  We were also willing to look at some of the little towns around us.  Over time, though, we came to realize that if we were moving we really did need to move closer to Biju's place of work instead of further away, so we narrowed down the location.  And the further we narrowed our search down and the more we realized what we wanted and what we didn't want the more frustrating our house hunting became.

We wanted a 5 bedroom floor plan so each of the boys could have their own room as everyone got older and we'd still have a guest room.  We wanted at least 2 bathrooms.  We currently have one bathroom and it is very small.  Brushing teeth each morning almost always results in squabbles and sometimes toothpaste spit onto someone else.  Gross.   And we wanted space.  Not just more space inside the house (bigger kitchen!) but space outside, too.  We currently have a very sizable backyard which allows the boys plenty of room to, well, be boys. Oh, and trees.  We wanted trees that were fairly mature.  Not to mention the small list of things we wanted that would sure be nice to have but would not be deal breakers as long as the house had the more important stuff. 

Okay, so it turns out we were pretty sure about what we wanted.  And we were pretty sure about the price we wanted but we found ourselves looking in higher price ranges because that seemed to be where we were finding most of what was on our list. 

We would call up our real estate agents and line up one, two or three houses to see at a time.  Each time we just felt that it wasn't right.  We just weren't finding "the right house."

August came along and our house hadn't sold so we decided we were pretty darn comfortable where we were, anyway.  It really is a nice house and we've spent the last 6+ years fixing it up to be just the way we wanted it.  So, yeah, we were fine with waiting until next spring to try again. 

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