Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pumpkins ... hopefully

I'm hoping for pumpkins next fall.  It's not that I'm actually planting pumpkin seeds come springtime in order to grow them, I'm just hoping they show up.  Here's why.

Last summer Mom ended up with a yard full of pumpkins.  The previous fall she had pumpkins on her porch and when they started to look shrunken and what not, she didn't throw them away.  Instead, someone kicked them off the porch and they became part of the earth again.  Nature - leaves, snow, rain, etc - did its part and *presto* she ended up with pumpkin plants growing. 

Back in October the boys got a couple of pumpkins when we went to a pumpkin patch.  They decorated them and we put them on our porch.  When they started to look shrunken and what not we dumped them in our side-yard.  I took some leaves and covered up the pumpkins so animals wouldn't come and eat them.  I'm hoping they're becoming part of the earth again and I'm hoping leaves, snow, rain, etc will all work together and we'll *presto* end up with pumpkin plants this spring/summer and nice fat, orange pumpkins to decorate and cook up in the fall. 

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