Monday, February 6, 2012

Playtime + Stats

Last week, when the weather was warmer, Alex played outside for awhile.  Aren discovered where his brother had gone to and watched him play.  This is actually a favorite spot of Aren's. 

Then he heard the camera shutter clicking and turned around to see me on the floor.  He had to come see me and find out what the big black thing was that I was holding.
Getting closer....and closer....
I kept scooting back but he just kept a'comin'.

For this next shot - I saw Alex helping Aren play with this musical caterpillar.  I went to get the camera but by the time I got back, it was too late.  Aren had seen me and then saw that I disappeared and he got mad. 

Oh, and while I'm here, Alex had his 4 year check up today.  He gained over 8lbs and grew 4 inches since his 3rd birthday.  Doc was thrilled and asked for more of the same stats next year.  He loves Alex's energy and strength and always tells us what a great athlete he will be.  The downside to today's appointment was that he needed a couple of vaccinations.  Boy, was Alex mad about that!  He was also up late because of a Super Bowl party we went to, so tired guy + shots = Grumplestiltskin.  I think somebody might be getting a nap today!

While we were waiting for doc to come in I got the tiny one nekkid and put him on the baby scales.  He's still 12lb 3oz, which means he hasn't gained an ounce in the last month despite nursing all day, eating two solid foods a day and waking up to nurse 2-3x every night.  BUT, he is still on track with all of his other developments, seems to be growing taller and the doc isn't too worried so we'll just not worry, either.  We'll just keep feeding him whenever he wants fed so we can keep up with his high metabolism.  We go in for his 9mo. check up in a couple of weeks - I told doc we'd try to put at least one more ounce on him before then.

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Sarah said...

i would love to see him next to mason who is now 18 lbs!! lets get together soon