Saturday, February 18, 2012 Mom

I took the plunge today.  I went ahead and cut the boys' hair. 

I've tried this one other time awhile back and only did a very small amount.  Just a small trim.  Enough to get us between "real" haircuts.  But we just had the boys hair cut at a salon at the beginning of January and as you will see in the "before" shot they were clearly ready for another cut long before today.  But we don't want to fork over $16- $20 a month just to keep the boys decent looking. 

At the Super Bowl party we went to a few weeks back, another party-goer described how he cuts his boys hair.  He explained how he uses his one hand as a guide while the scissor hand does the work, then he comes in w/ the clippers and buzzes the back.  We didn't use the clippers but I am hoping to find the charger for Biju's beard trimmer so I can clean up their sideburns and neck. 

I'm proud to say that Alex's turned out quite nice.  I'm embarassed to say Ajay's .... did not.  It isn't horrible but this was definitely a learning experience.  I should've known better than to keep cutting.  When we go to have his hair cut, we ask them to leave it just a tad long so it lays nicely.  They do.  Then Biju and I think "hmm, still looks too long" so they trim it a bit more.  And that's when it all goes south. 

There is a specific length that you cannot cut past with Ajay's hair.  Once you go past that length, the hair starts standing out.  Biju says as a child he was sometimes called "porcupine" because of the way his hair stood out after a cut.  It seems as though his firstborn got some of that same hair trait. 

Oh well.  It'll grow back.  Right? 


Alex making some sort of face, Ajay holding onto the (uncharged) beard trimmer.

They can't wait for summer - they've requested mohawks!!


Sarah said...

good job, cant wait to see the mohawks =)

Michelle said...

Dave cuts the boys hair about a week ago and wondered if you were wanting a lesson. I think their hair turned out pretty good!

Erin said...

LOL! I think they look handsome! Good job mom! I remember mom trimming all our hair when we were younger too. :)