Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pinewood Derby

Our little scout recently got the chance to participate in a Cub Scout tradition.  He got to make a pinewood derby race car and then race it against others from his pack. 

Biju and Ajay got the car started at one of the scout meetings a couple of weeks ago.  They used the tools provided and cut out the shape Ajay wanted and started sanding it.   Then the rest of the family helped him finish it up when it got closer to racing day.  I showed him the paints we had available and he chose his color scheme and pattern.  He originally wanted blue and red circles on the top to look like police lights but in the end went with the stripe pattern.  I used a stencil to paint the stars where he wanted them and then he used an edged brush to paint in the stripes that I had outlined.  Biju stopped at Hobby Lobby and picked up a weight so we could get as close to 5oz. as possible without going over. 

To be honest, it was actually a bit difficult for our organized adult minds to let him do all of the painting.  But I knew we couldn't go in there and clean up his outside-the-lines paint job because that would just tell him that what he did wasn't worthy.  So I went to the living room while he painted the red and blue.  I think it turned out fabulous and I know Ajay was very proud.  He even had a couple of kids come up to him when we walked in with the car who told him that it looked "awesome!"

The Scout and his little brother waiting for the races to begin.

Ajay's car next to a couple of others.

The cars.  And some kid I don't know

The race "course."
Ajay's car won the first round.  He went up against an orange car (you can see it in the pic with all the other cars).  It had two passengers - Star Wars characters in Lego form! 

Ajay putting his car into position for the second race.  Which he lost.  Boo.
After losing his second race he was able to race for 4th place overall.  Alas, he lost that one, too.  He was none too happy about not being able to race his car anymore.  We had to do a bit of consoling and explaining that there was only one winner and this time it wasn't his car.  And now that we all know a bit more about how this all works we'll be more prepared to build an even better car next year.