Friday, January 20, 2012

Hello, out there.

I've been a slug about posting on here lately.  Amazingly enough, I've still got traffic coming to this blog.  I think this blog averages about 25 people a day.  Some days there are 40+, some days there are only 4.  I've got my "regulars" and then I've got the people who stumble upon my blog via Google or some other search engine.  The main reasons people come here are to look at the "gender predictions" I posted about while I was pregnant with Aren.  As you can see in the "Top 10 posts in the last 30 days" list in the column to the left, the top two positions always have to do with predicting gender.  The people are Americans, mostly, but you'd be surprised (as I was/am) how many visits I get from other countries.  (The main reason why I try to be very careful to use generalities when it comes to who we are and where we live!)

I do like to hear from my readers, so please, if I know you or if you're just swinging by, leave a comment and let me know what ya think.

And here are a couple of random photos from the last month. 

I didn't have it in me to make cookies at Christmas-time so we made cookies after the New Year.

The boys were excited to decorate the cookies - and couldn't wait to start eating them!
We didn't go overboard.  More like under-board!  Not too many cookies but enough to have a taste.  They weren't all that pretty but they sure tasted good!

Here are the boys again in their ski masks/monkey caps that I made.  Remember I told you I'd show you pics of them with their hats matching their coats?  Ajay looks less than thrilled and Alex looks an awful like my brothers in this shot! 

Alex got a big alphabet floor puzzle from my parents for Christmas.

A really big puzzle! 

Alex was in the bathroom the other morning - I thought he was brushing his teeth.  He called out "Mom, I think you should come here."  He wasn't brushing his teeth, he was SHAVING like Daddy.  But he didn't shave up and down, he shaved side to side, which resulted in these cuts on his chin. 
 And a little story about Ajay.  I don't have pics.  I was too angry at the moment (even though I understood at the time that would eventually laugh about it.)  I was making omelets for the boys' breakfasts the other morning.  I usually let the boys pick out and crack their eggs.  Alex cracked his and I started making his omelet.  Ajay picked out his egg and was waiting with it at the table.  He then told me that if we warmed up the egg it would hatch a baby chick.  I informed him that that wouldn't be possible with these eggs.  I continued working on Alex's omelet and barely registered that Ajay had left the room.  Next I heard "Uh-oh, Mom!  I sat down too hard!"..... I looked in the living room and he was staring at a basket full of clean clothes waiting to be folded.  Turns out he had used the basket as his nest and he sat on the egg to warm it up.  Alas, he sat too hard, and cracked the egg.  (Luckily, only the top 3 pieces of clothing got egg on them.)

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Been wandering you have been. You haven't e-mailed either. Thanks for the laugh!