Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

We wish all of our readers a Happy New Year - we hope 2012 proves to be a joyous, healthy and lucky year for everyone! 

We are still here, I just haven't been doing as much with the computer.  I haven't kept up with our blog and I've barely kept up with reading the blogs I like to follow.  Of course, being that we're out of space on our cameras (which means not many new photos) and our computer caught a cold (grr, virus) it was difficult to sit down here and post something. 

But to get caught up a little I thought I'd scrape together a few of my photos from the last week or so.  (I'm guessing some of you have done this - scrolling through all of the photos on your camera's card deciding which photos can be deleted to make room for juuust a few more pics?)  I didn't get any photos at Christmas.  Can you believe that??  Aren's first Christmas and I got nuthin'.  I think Biju got one or two shots on his phone and my aunt got some pics on her camera so I'll have to ask her to send them my way.

This isn't a holiday photo but I thought it was cute, anyway:

"Mom, what is this thing my brother has placed upon my head?"
After we got back from visiting my family for Christmas the boys wanted to play with some of their new goodies (of course!).  Alex is putting together the puzzle Santa brought, with a little help from Daddy; Ajay is putting together his Lego motorcycle from Nana and Papa and Aren is playing with his new soft blocks from Aunt Theresa.

Notice Ajay's green yarn necklace?  He crocheted that himself on the van ride back home the day after Christmas.

(He's also wearing his new Amber Teething Necklace from Mommy and Daddy.)
 I crocheted a couple of gifts this year.  I tried to do something for each of my nieces and nephews but I ran out of time so I'm hoping to work on them throughout the year and they will be 2012 Christmas gifts!  Here's what I made for the boys (they actually chose the yarn colors without knowing what the yarn would be used for):

Orange and Red yarn crocheted together, to match his orange winter coat.

Green and blue to match his blue winter coat.

Red (which doesn't show up well in pictures, apparently) booties to help keep his feet warm.
Maybe I'll take new pics of the red things when I get more space on the camera, see if we can get rid of that glare.  
Happy New Year!!

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