Monday, December 19, 2011

A few Christmassy type things

Last week at Ajay's Cub Scout meeting all the boys put together ornaments for the parishioners who can no longer physically attend mass.  Afterwards, they got to make a treat for themselves.  Ajay was excited to bring it home and share with Alex.  In this pic, Ajay discovered that the purple gum-drops were not grape but were, in fact, disgusting licorice. 

The boys decorated the tree on their own this year.  I decided to keep my adult/organizational mind out of the process and just let the boys do as they please.  All I did was sit on the floor and hand them the ornaments.  I wish I had gotten a picture sooner than today - last week as I was sitting on the couch nursing Aren I looked over and saw three ornaments lined up on a single branch.  I chuckled.  The next day, though, I saw Alex "fixing" the problem because it was all too clustered.  Everything is still a bit clustered, honestly, but I like it!  (You can see the "Faith" cross ornament front and center.  I got that from our Bunco exchange and had put it off to the side but one of the boys thought it needed to be elsewhere.) 

They covered the front well but neglected the sides and back.

Ajay did a little gift shopping at school (as a fundraiser for the school) and could.not.wait to wrap everything up.  One night last week while Biju took Alex to his tumbling class and Aren was napping, we busted out the wrapping paper and egg nog.  Here is the first gift of the season under our tree!  (Oh, and Ajay is now missing the top four teeth, not just three!)

Yesterday our church had a little Christmas party.  The boys got balloon toys (Alex chose a sword and Ajay chose a dog); cookie characters (Alex chose an oreo dipped in chocolate and dressed up w/ M&Ms and Pretzels to look like Rudolph, Ajay chose a Nutter Butter, I think, dipped in white chocolate and made to look like Santa); paper ornaments; boxes of peppermints (won from the "cake" walk); and best of all - they got to meet Santa!  Those pics are on Biju's phone, so I'll have to post those sometime later.  I do have pics of their faces after they were painted, though:

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Michelle said...

How fun! Whoever did the face painting was really good!