Saturday, December 17, 2011

Makin' 'em last

One of the perks that drew me to cloth diapers when I was pregnant with Ajay was that I could use them with future children.  For part of my stash I bought 12 Chinese Prefold Diapers and 12 Indian Prefold diapers.  One kind was supposed to be more absorbent but not last as long and the other was supposed to be the opposite.  Now that we're using the same diapers with child #3 I can say that is true.  I don't know which is which style but I do know that half of our diapers look fairly decent and half of them look like they should be in the trash.  In fact, Biju keeps asking my why I haven't thrown them away.  I figure they're still soaking up pee, so why worry about what they look like.  But, really, it was starting to get more difficult to use the Snappi on them because they were so worn out. 

One day I had a thought.  (Hey, it happens now and then!)  I decided to cut off the outer layer that was so ragged.  Once I took that off it looked like a brand new diaper!  It certainly felt thinner - because in reality it was two layers - the outer layer from the front and back - but they still work and they look so much better. 

(I started this project back in September, as you can tell by the date stamp in the photos.  I got a few done and I have more waiting in a basket.  Maybe I'll get around to them after the Christmas season.  It's not like Aren is holding still for this type of diaper, anyway!  We've been using mainly our pocket diapers and sposies, lately.) 

And then out came the scissors......

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