Thursday, June 30, 2011

Movie Suggestions?

We've done it.  We've gone and joined the "cool crowd" and signed up for our one-month free trial with Netflix.  What is the first movie the boys have chosen to watch?  A Daffy Duck flick.  Of ALL the movies and fabulous new kid shows they could have chosen from they chose a cartoon that was made in 1983.  So be it. 

We've also got our first DVD headed our way in the mail - it is 3 Idiots, an Indian movie.  Not a good title but it was actually a decent movie from what I could tell.  Biju watched this with his brother, Bino, while in India but it didn't have subtitles so I didn't get to really watch it with them.  I've got a couple other Indian movies lined up for our Instant Queue along with some kids movies.  I'm very excited to have this awesome tool in our entertainment tool-kit! 

So!  What are some good movies you've seen?  We like comedy, drama, family, foreign and the occasional action.  And they don't have to be new releases - we're game for older movies that we may have missed. 

(While we're here I'll pass on the title of an Indian movie that I really enjoyed:  Like Stars on Earth [Taare Zameen Par].  Very sweet.  If you don't mind watching a movie with subtitles then this would be a great flick to check out.) 

Do tell! 


Sarah said...

we seemed to have watched all the good movies we could find on Netflix so I, too, are interested in getting some suggestions!

Annie said...

You've just named 2 of my all-time favorite Hindi movies! Taara Zameen Par and 3 Idiots were awesome:) If you're looking to watch another Hindi movie, I would suggest 'Paa' (drama/family) or even 'Black'.
Don't know if you've watched the Ice Age animated movie series - the kids may like it too. Also Pink Panther (the Steve Martin one - comedy) and don't miss The Proposal (Sandra Bullock - comedy). Oh and add to that 'Miss Congeniality'!