Sunday, May 3, 2009

The end of April

We've now plunged into May, but there were a few photos from the end of April that I wanted to share. For some reason, I can't type next to the photos, I guess Blogger and I have issues with each other. So instead of having a nice running commentary, I'll just type out the descriptions of all the pics, then you can scroll down to see all of them.

First off (and not from the end of April, really, but somehow it didn't get put in here sooner), we have a pic of Ajay grating the bar of Ivory we melted down to make our homemade laundry detergent.

Ajay has decided he loves to have snacks outdoors. We have a pic of Alex and Ajay having a snack at a mini picnic table, and also a pic of Ajay having some grub at the table attatched to his playset.

Ajay wanted to help make our salad, so he peeled a carrot. Of course Alex wanted to get in on the action, so he's watching.

The boys love taking their baths together. Ajay is really into guns right now (I'm rolling my eyes) and he can make anything into a gun. Of course little brother wants to do everything like big brother, so they are both using their bath letters to "pew" at each other.

The boys have this spiderman set, two seats and a footstool. Here, Alex was trying to sit with Ajay on the same seat. I love the way they were both looking at each other and giggling.

Alex is an animal lover. He loves to go across the street with Ajay (and me) and see the neighbors dogs. He leans over and says "Hi, do-dee! Hi, do-dee!" He also likes to talk to Gracie, the kitty. He's a lot more gentle than Ajay has been with Gracie, tho he still has his moments. Here is a pic of him loving on his kitty.
Up next, we have a few shots of our place after the heavy rains. You can see the garden was still mostly under water (it didn't clear out til late that afternoon). On the shot of our front yard, you can see the water still hasn't gone down completely off the streets, and you can also see the rut from the car that was up in your yard. Biju has since filled in the ruts. He took that dirt that was dug up for the gardens, so hopefully that spot will heal up nicely.

The final two photos are of drawings Ajay did. I'm so proud of him :) He drew an alligator for his cousin, Jenna, and he wrote their names! I spelled the names for him and he wrote the letters. We've never practiced writing letters (he's traced some a few times in the past), so it was rather cute watching him create the letters. A few of them are backwards and upside down, but if you use your imagination just a little, you can make out "Brandon" "Jenna" and "Ajay"

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