Sunday, April 26, 2009

Blasted rain!

Okay....I wanted some rain, but this is a bit ridiculous. We got our garden just about finished on Friday - but now I think it was all for nought. I will show pics but you'll have to look very closely to see how bad it all is right now. The flash of the camera just couldn't go out far enough to encompass all the water. In the front, it's up past the sidewalk. In the back, it's completely covered the garden (and the other patch we've torn up but, luckily, haven't planted anything yet). Look at the reflections (where there shouldn't be reflections), and look at Biju's tires, and the boy's playset - you might be able to see the water levels a little. What a mess. I'm so sad. We're also afraid the water might do damage to Biju's car even tho it's been pulled up into the driveway.

As it's well known, animals know what's up with the weather long before we humans. There was a very odd looking bird in our backyard today. I think it was trying to get the heck out of dodge before the rains hit!

Latest update: As I was uploading the above photos, the doorbell rang (at 11pm!). I woke Biju, and together we learned that a young lady drove her car up onto our front yard. She said her car started smoking so she wanted to get it off of the street. She had to fight pretty hard to get the car up over the curb. I wonder what kind of damage has been done to her poor car! Her dad looked the situation over and decided to come back tomorrow morning to get it. The poor couple stood out in the rain trying to figure everything out, so I gave them a couple of trash bags to put over their heads. As they stepped off the curb to head to the father's truck, I noticed the water came up to mid-thigh on the young lady, and she was about my height.
Ohh, I can't wait to hear Ajay's questions tomorrow! Cross fingers we have enough of a break in the rain for the waters to drain, otherwise Biju won't be able to leave our driveway to go to work.

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