Monday, May 11, 2009

The Garden Name Game

Okay, folks. As you might've surmised by now, I'm NOT one who knows a lot about the foliage of our great outdoors. I can name your typical rose or lily, or dandelion, but for the most part, I'm clueless. Therefore, I'm very curious to know the names of some of the greenery growing in and around our garden. The space that is now our veggie garden used to be a flower bed (vines overtook the pretties and it was a big tangled mess, so we just hacked it all down). Despite using the rototiller 2-3 times, many of the flowers are growing back. We transplanted what I think are the peonies to the edge but the rest of what is growing in is so random, I won't be able to move it. I have an idea for some Monday fun (to keep those of you at work away from your work!) - I will put some pictures up, and you all get to tell me what everything is! (a couple of the things I do know, but they were growing out there, so I took their pics)


B) (These are the same plant, one is just further along than the other)




F) What is wrong with our pepper plant(s)?

G) How do I get rid of this?




Just click on the "comments" button and write out your answers and any other suggestions :) (Okay, so by the time I got this posted, it was too late to procrastinate your Monday workday, but maybe you can ignore your bosses a little longer on Tuesday!)


Kalinda said...

Go ahead, you can do it!
My aunt and mom have both e-mailed their responses to me. Chickens! :)

Anonymous said...

A. looks like silver maple to me, any adult trees around,"helicopter" seed pods in the area?
B. Shoots look like canas, but taller plants don't so much.
C. Looks familiar, but can't place it.
D.Looks like a coleus or mint, Square stems? Both of these plants have square stems,rub leaves between your fingers to see if they smell minty.
E. Needs to find my KS plants book to look this up.
F.Looks like insect damage.
G. Not sure, is it sticky? Thought it might be a bindweed of some sort, but not too sure.
H.Mayapple maybe? Not sure.
I. Ground ivy or a spurge?
J. Can't see the flower well, Hyacinth maybe?

Kalinda said...

A. yes, we do get the helicopter pods
C. I'm afraid it might be poison ivy??
D. I rubbed it between my fingers today and couldn't place the smell...seemed familiar. Neighbor suggested citronella, then changed her mind to spearmint.
F. Ack! I've got marigolds planted, but that won't help w/ the pests until they grow!
G. Yes, it's all sticky. Easy to pull out, tho, I discovered today.
J. Mom and I planted the purple plant in the well 3 years ago and it keeps coming back. I want to say...salvia? Something that begins with an S.

Andrew said...

okay A) i though was oak but your mom's probably right-a maple
D) mint of some sort?
E) Daisy's?
H)Poisin ivy? !
I) i think we have that, a nice plant but don't know what it is
J) Sedum of some sort, those are nice little plants too

Anonymous said...

Put your mind at ease, none of those plants are poison ivy! Poison ivy is mitten shaped leaves grouped in threes (hence the leaves of 3, let them be saying). Other than that I can only help with:
A) which is definitely a maple, so you should pull it soon before the roots get too big, unless of course you want a maple tree there D) is a mint plant of some sort
H) looks like the Virginia Creeper that tried to take over my backyard, kill it fast or it will take over everything!!!