Saturday, May 23, 2009

And so our summer begins

Whew! If our whole summer is going to be like this, I will have a couple of tired kiddos on my hands. We've had a busy few days, but they've been quite fun.

On Thursday night, Ajay had his last class of pre-preschool. We're going to miss his teachers and little buddies, but hopefully we can keep in touch with them. For the last class, we all headed to the park for a picnic. I made up some hummus (if you can call it that) and peppers/cucumbers. Ajay could barely get down half of his sandwich before he was off to play in the sprinkler pads and playground equipment. Alex didn't care to get wet, but was perfectly content to weave his way through the bigger kids to play on the slides and whatnot. (the park was packed!)

In the pics, we have Ajay with his teacher, Ajay running through the sprinkler pads, Ajay with his good buddy Alex, waiting for the sprinkler to go off, and Ajay and Alex enjoy the sprinkler as it was going off.

Friday morning, we woke up, whipped up another batch of hummus, and headed to a playdate. Since Alex woke up at 5:30am, he was able to nap from 8-9:30. Much earlier than usual, but it happened to work out great for our schedule for the day. (I was able to doze a bit while Ajay watched PBS Kids on the couch with me, otherwise I wouldn't have made it through the playdate!) The boys had a blast. There were 7 of us mommies, and the majority of children were boys. The kids ended up in the compost pile in our hostesses yard, and the watermelon patch, but no damage was done. I can't say that for the wagon. You can see in the pictures why it didn't make it through the morning.
Ajay ended up being a pilot, while his buddy Jacob was a police officer. Alex wandered around the backyard, torn between getting more bites of food from me and playing with the toys.

After our playdate we came home and got a little rest. When Biju got home from work, Ajay and I hit the library to get some new books, movies and a kid's music cd. As we got out of the van, our neighbor-girl said she and her friend were going to have a water balloon fight. Now you must understand that Ajay has been asking me to play with water balloons since Winter. He wasted no time getting into his swim trunks and running (with me and lil bro) across the street. He was on cloud-9! Again, Alex did not care for the water (he's fine with the tub, loves it, but I think the strange splashes are not to his liking). Nnotice the look of concern on Alex's face...he didn't really get what was going on

Today we had Ajay's last swim class for the month. The official last day is next Saturday, but I'll be out of town for a Norwex Party (cleaning without chemicals!), so he'll get to play with his buddy Parker. When we got back from his swim lesson, we headed to the backyard where I de-weeded half of our garden and gave everything a nice long drink. I'll have to take pics of how everything is coming along, the plants are getting so big! It's exciting to see the pepper plants get little buds on them.
I have a lot more pictures that I got off of my phone (thats where all of the above came from, since I'm out of room on my camera), maybe I'll get another post put together in the next couple days to share the other pics. Until then, God Bless!

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