Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ah, coconuts!

Every time we go to India I get a picture of the boys scraping coconut.  Here is a fun post I wrote up two years ago about coconuts and coconut scraping.  (So amazing to look at those pictures and see how much the boys have changed!)
We brought a small/portable coconut scraper back with us the last time we visited but it stayed in the wrapper until Biju's parents asked for it. We got it attached to the edge of the table and they started scraping!
Getting started, with Ajay close by for inspection.

A better view of how the scraper attaches to the table - clamp style.  Coconut meat starting to fall, Ajay enjoying the process.

Mom made iddyupum (spelling?) - rice powder mixed with water, squeezed through this device, coconut flakes placed on top, then more rice "strings" added on top.

Cooked in a steamer.

Ajay helping to scrape.  (Boo, either Alex didn't scrape or I didn't get a photo.)

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