Monday, June 17, 2013

Visitor Pick-Up

After Alex's Tee Ball practice we headed over to the airport and picked up our visitors.
Biju's parents were coming for a 6 week visit!
And I cannot believe how fast time has flown by.  I am just now getting their arrival shared with you when at this moment Biju is helping his parents get ready for their departure tomorrow!
We are sad to see them go and I know it is going to be hardest on Aren.  He has really gotten attached to Amachee (Grandma) and Echachan (Grandpa).  I fear I might start crying tomorrow afternoon when Aren wakes from his nap and starts asking for them.
Alex and Ajay have been asking that either Amachee and Echachan stay here or they be allowed to fly to India with them. 
But we have plenty of memories to keep us going until our next visit - whether that is here again or in India - and we have tried to take as many photos as possible to look back on.
Here are the photos of arrival!
The boys ran inside with Biju to help bring Amachee and Echachan to the van, along with their suitcases.

Aren and I waited behind.

Ajay came out first rolling a suitcase.

There they are!!

Hugs and excitement and then on the road home!

Amachee playing with Aren.

First steps into our home.


Anna Cline said...

Was this their first time meeting Aren? And they got to see the new house! Glad they got to come for a visit!

Kalinda said...

Yes, this was their first time to see Aren in person. I was at the end of my 2nd trimester/start of my 3rd trimester last time we visited India.