Monday, October 17, 2011

Welcome: Annie!

(This is going to be picture heavy.  And believe me, it was hard only picking out these to post.  My apologies for getting this important post up so late!)

Biju made a little trip to India at the beginning of September.  While I and the boys were disappointed that we wouldn't be able to attend Bino and Annie's wedding, we knew it would be better for him to make this trip solo.  We're already looking forward to our next trip, whenever that might be!

Biju arrived in India and hit the ground running as there were a few loose ends to tie up.  The biggest snag they hit was when they learned the hotel they had reserved for the reception after the wedding had double booked.  What a headache that turned out to be, as you can imagine!  In the end, though, everything worked out well. 

Thursday night there was the Engagement ceremony.  We didn't do this for our wedding in India, which probably had something to do with us already being married before we got there, I'm guessing.  Just by going off of the pictures Biju brought back, there was a ceremony at Annie's family's church, then it rained like crazy, then there was a celebration afterwards.


The wedding took place on Saturday at our family's church.
The tradition of helping the goom to get ready before leaving for the church.

Another tradition is having every family member present shake hands/hug/kiss the groom.  I'm thinking this is a way of giving their blessing for the marriage.  (I should ask to be sure!) - Here are the brothers in their embrace.

The vehicles that brought the bride (on the right) and the groom (on the left) to the church.

Preparing to enter the church.  (The decoration on the entrance floor was from a festivity the night before, unrelated to the marriage.)

Bino putting the wedding necklace w/ the tali (spelling?) on Annie. 

Putting a sari over the bride's head.  I'm not sure what this signifies.  Biju did this to me at our ceremony and even he didn't know why.  We just did what we were told to do :)
The bride and groom with their immediate families and the four priests that presided over the ceremony.

The married couple with the flowers presented to them. 
On to the reception!

The stage was set, ready for the couple to greet each and every guest.

Lighting the candle.

Cutting the cake.

Drinking the coconut water.

Congratulations to the new couple!

Welcome to the family, Annie!


Erik said...

Annie is beautiful! Congrats to Bino and the whole family!


Michelle said...

How exciting! Congrats on the new member of the family!

Annie said...

Thank you, Kalinda, for putting this up, it's wonderful the way you've described everything in sequence. So glad to be a part of the family! And thank you all for the wishes!