Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ugh, sick!

The Friday before Biju's parents arrived Ajay got sick.  He missed his second grade field trip at school, a sleepover birthday party and then another birthday party the next day.  He was not happy.

Then on Monday Aren caught it.  Everyone was healthy to pick up Amachee and Echachan on Tuesday evening, though! 

The health wave didn't last long, however.  I woke up feeling a little icky on Wednesday morning.  It quickly progressed and I was happy Biju was only working a half day.  He was home by 10am and I headed straight to bed.  It hit me harder than it hit Ajay and Aren and I was knocked out for two full days.  Alex joined me on the second day. 

This is what my bedside table looked like -

We had acetaminophen and ibuprofen in adult form and the children's version.  Gatorade to try to keep us hydrated, water, the thermometer and of course - the iPad for a little mobile entertainment when we weren't sleeping.
We were certainly shocked - and grateful - when Biju's parents escaped the illness!! 

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