Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday night Bunco!!

I am lucky enough to have been invited to join a once a month Bunco game. The ladies enjoy a night out - we have food, friends, games, prizes, the whole lot! I really enjoy this - and I still would love it even if I hadn't won "last Bunco called" the two times I've played!! It is a great way to get to know more people (and for an extrovert like me, you can never know enough people!). I took my camera tonight but forgot to take pics. I only got one, at the end of the evening. Lisa was showing us the crocheted a ear-flap-cap she recently made for her daughter, and decided to model it on me!

In other news, here is our latest craft project from the boys:

We got the idea from a Barney video. Trace their hands, then cut them out to make them into a spider. It felt a bit wrong cutting their thumbs off, though, to make it a true 8-legged spider. These are now proudly being displayed on our front window.

Speaking of front windows.... the siding guys left us with a little "gift." They cracked our big picture window!! They still have not spoken to us about it (maybe they thought we wouldn't notice the crack??) Overall we were not thrilled with the contractors that the big name company hired to do the work - the siding looks great, but as everyone knows, it's the little things that add up. Oh well. We shall keep moving forward. We should get our guttering put in next week (although the rains came this week!), and we should soon have our new window installed, too. I can't wait to share our "after" photo of the house with you all! Alex has gotten used to the guys coming to our house, and now looks out the window and says "guys? guys?" Ajay enjoyed coming home from pre-k and telling the guys about what he did at school that day. (And the guys were nice enough to smile and nod and even ask a few questions)


The Rouse House said...

You look too cute in that hat!!

Kalinda said...

Hah! thanks!
And thanks for commenting on my blog!!