Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ball practice!

The boys have been playing ball this summer.  Alex is in TeeBall and Ajay is in Coach Pitch.  It is the first time either of them have played.  They are having fun and we're really enjoying watching them play. 
Before we headed to the airport to pick up our visitors Alex had a practice with his team. 
There are boys and girls on this team and everyone gets to hit, everyone gets to run.  It is all about teaching kids the basics and getting into the groove of how it all works.
Aren wandering around during practice.  He was probably looking for Ajay who had gone off to the golfing side of the park.  Some guy was out practicing his swing and Ajay felt the man needed some assistance, I guess.

Getting the kids all gathered together.

There is a playground right next to one of the tee ball fields and Aren does love a good slide!

He also likes sitting in the dugout watching Brother.

Getting some pointers from Coach.

It's a swing and a hit!!

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