Sunday, August 12, 2012

The drive back home

Once we finished up riding the rides and decided it was almost time to go home, we had one last stop to make.  We splurged on Dippin' Dots.  A first for everyone!

Ajay chose vanilla.

Alex chose Banana Split.  Biju and I got a large vanilla to share.  Alex, however, didn't like the banana split flavor, so he shared the vanilla with Daddy and I shared the banana split with Aren.


Close up of the (melting) dots.
Then we headed out to the parking lot and started our drive home.  We put on a video to watch, but Alex and Aren slept through quite a bit of the drive back.

Not sleeping, yet getting his own form of rest. 

Good thing babies/toddlers are flexible!

We enjoyed our day at the amusement park.  Every once in awhile, Biju asks who wants to go back to that place and Ajay and Alex jump up and yell "ME!!!"  I'm sure we'll have to plan another trip for next summer. 

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