Saturday, August 4, 2012

Take a little trip

Biju took a couple of days off from work this week and we did a couple of family centered activities.  As one would imagine, I have tons of photos and video clips so I will try to narrow it all down to a select few.  I will also split things up so I'm not photo-bombing you again like I did with our Independence Day post.

Biju is able to get discount tickets to a few fun places through his employee club.  He bought some tickets to an amusement park a little over 2 hours away.  The kids and I hit the library on Wednesday and we picked up a couple of videos to watch on the drive. 

However, I didn't want them zoning out on the movies the whole way there so I packed each kid an activity bag.  The night before we went I set out everything I thought the boys might need/want.

Aren had some fun toys, a Buddy, some food.  The other two had some crayons (in that purple tube thing - we got these in India, it was a container full of candy - perfect for holding crayons.  And glad we used this because it was so hot the crayons melted while we were inside the park!), coloring books, snacks, the neck pillows I made a couple of years ago, and a lapboard with activities clipped on - Travel Bingo, and Ajay had a couple of Sudoku puzzles. And a few other things.

All shoved inside these bags, ready to travel!

Alex working on his travel bingo.

Ajay also working on bingo.

Aren hanging out just before conking out for most of the drive.  Yay for naps!
They stayed occupied pretty well and only asked for a video late in the drive.  I took along my latest crochet project and did a few rows on it.  (It is going to be a time consuming project so I'll be working on it for awhile!)  Biju, of course, drove.  It was an easy drive and the kids stayed happy.  Nice! 

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