Thursday, August 23, 2012

First Day of School!

School has begun - - for TWO of my boys!
Ajay started last Wednesday and Alex started this Wednesday.   Ajay wasn't so excited, Alex was excited.
Ajay, I guess, has a fairly strict teacher this year.  Last year he had a super bubbly teacher.  This year, the teacher makes you "owe" minutes from recess for things.  Example:  Ajay thought I hadn't signed a paper and sent it back Monday.  He didn't even look in his backpack and just told the teacher I didn't send it.  This meant he (and most of the class) had to miss out on 5 minutes of recess.  From what I gather, the whole class owes a whole recess to the teacher tomorrow because kids lined up on the wrong tile in the hallway during restroom break.  I spoke with another teacher and she said at first, she thought this teacher was too strict but then she realized that it helps to prepare the kids for 3rd grade.  I actually don't mind that Ajay's teacher is strict with the children!
Alex came out from his first day of class, took my hand, and started walking to the van (looking oh so cute in his glasses!).  As we walked, he looked up at me and announced that he likes school "because they got Nana and Papa's kind of cereal." - ooh, a sweet cereal? " The square, bendy kind." - must've been Golden Grahams.  Oh, AND they got milk!  Bonus!  I told him later in the day that I think they'll get different snacks each day.  Today when I picked him up, he took my hand, we started walking towards the van and he announced "You were right, we DO get different snacks each day!  Today we got cookies and juice!" 
Not surprising that on both days, the first thing Alex talked about was snack.  

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