Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Boy Scout Camp

Ajay had Scout Camp over the weekend.  On Thursday he went to a place that taught them about cowboy life.  On Friday he went to a museum.  On Saturday he went out to the countryside and shot a bow and arrow, went swimming and shot a bb gun.  Saturday was family day so went out for a couple of hours.   I got a few pics of Ajay with the other scouts on Saturday and I'm hoping one of the other parents can send snaps from Thursday and Friday. 

Ajay's group got to say the opening prayer during flag ceremony.

Alex watched.

One parent was able to cross over to help their scout with their bow and arrows.

Each scout got to shoot 5 arrows.  Ajay was disappointed he didn't make it to the target.  Better luck next time!
We left after this session so we weren't there for his swimming and bb gun sessions.  He had fun, though, and told us about singing songs with everyone.  A good experience for him, I think. 

PS - While I was there, the strangest thing happened.  The scouts were getting out their bug sprays and spraying down (I sent Ajay with a bug band so he wouldn't have to spray).  Right at that time I felt an itching in my leg.  I walked over to Biju and said "Oh, wow!  I think I just got bit by something - big!  I feel the swelling in my leg - how did a bug bite me through my jeans??"  I itched in two places, right below the back of my knee, and right above it.  When I lifted my capris up to see the bite, I relized it wasn't a bite.  It looked like it had more to do with my veins.  I had a small worry that I had a blood clot so I sought out the medic.  He didn't seem concerned and said I probably had a busted vein.  As minutes went by the itching stopped and it turned to more of a pain.  As even more time went by it only seemed to hurt when I walked.  It was fine while I stood still watching Ajay with the bow and arrow.  Later that evening Biju looked at it for me.  He lightly ran his fingers over the forming bruises and I winced at the slightest tough.  By Monday, however, the pain had subsided.  It just looked really ugly.  Even now, on Tuesday evening, I only really notice the pain if I'm sitting at the dining room table - because the chair runs right across one of the bruises - or if one of the kids comes up and pokes at it.  Both bruises are still a little swollen.  I asked one of the trainers at the gym yesterday if there was anything I should avoid.  She didn't know too much about broken blood vessels but suggested I stay away from any leg curls for a could of weeks while it heals. 
I had Biju take a picture to remember it by :)  This is just one of the bruises, I didn't get the bruise going up my leg.  The bruise not shown looks more like a diagonal slash but it has about the same coloring.


Angeleena said...

Oh no! That looks painful!! Hope it's better now...

Anna Cline said...

I remember what fun camp was! That "bruising" is really weird. Hope you are feeling better now!