Friday, June 1, 2012

A few photos

Getting some cake from Papa.

I think Aren actually likes being held by Ajay.

Ajay's last day of school.

Hail that landed in our yard the other evening.

Ajay called this an "Angel Cake" (made of playdough)

"Mom!  Post this on the blog!"

Enjoying the cool May weather, squinting in the sun.
I took the boys up to visit my family the day after we finished the yard sale.  We celebrated my niece Jenna's 8th grade promotion, my sister's completion of her courses, and Ajay's and Aren's birthdays.  I, however, was still a bit brain dead while I was packing for the visit and forgot our camera.  I'm waiting for those who did have cameras to e-mail me some photos :) 
I made Jenna and Aren something and I hope to create a post about those soon. 

1 comment:

Sarah said...

that hail is crazy!!

I love the "post this on the blog" comment... that will probably be mason. Austin says it sometimes too=)