Friday, May 25, 2012

The yard sale continues

We're yard-sale-ing again today.  At least it is in our backyard and there is plenty of shade.  I somehow managed to get a bit of a sunburn on my face yesterday.  Except where my bangs were, so I have a nice uneven burn on my forehead, cuz I'm classy like that. 

You know, I figured a yard sale was a lot of work but good golly!  Running it for three days and the preparation that goes into it - whew!  Biju says over and over to people we talk with "This is our first yard sale, and it is going to be our last." - at least for another 10 years, I'd say. 

The kids are re-discovering their old toys that I cleaned out of their toy boxes last fall.  Woops.  Aren is doing well.  Mostly sitting in his booster seat, or playing in the pack-n-play.  Sometimes he wants to crawl around and he gets all dirty.  The joys of being young and carefree and not caring that you're filthy.

In case you're wondering what type of things we're hoping to sell, here is a small list:

Huge multi-family yard sale (in our backyard),  05/25/12 & 05/26/12 (7:00 am - 6:00 pm).
Lots of kids toys, clothes (mostly out of date baby clothes but hey, if you need something for the baby to crawl around in and get dirty in, these are great!)
Infant car seats, bathtubs, toys, monitor + lots more
Washer/Dryer set
Kitchen Stove
Men's clothes (size large) - Eddie Bauer, Banana Republic, GAP ...
Women's clothes (sizes vary)
Small TV, inexpensive TV stand/entertainment unit
16x13 carpet piece
almost brand new van/suv tire - 235/65/16
storm windows
Solid wood - double sized bed set with matching mirrored vanity
a little bit of everything!!

I think we're going to get the Tiki Torches out today to try to keep the mosquitoes away.  I got a few small bites but the boys really got bit up.  Poor Alex is allergic and his ear looks - well, realllly bad. 

It's 6:30am and all three boys are awake.  Going to get them some breakfast then head out and finish setting up!   Again, if any of you locals want to swing by, please do.  If you need my address, e-mail or call.  

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