Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Break

I started this post last week before we shaved the boys' heads so you'll see boys w/ hair in these photos.

Spring Break was filled with sickness and rain but we still managed to have some fun.  We (the boys and I) went to visit my parents and the rest of the family.  Because of the rain there wasn't as much outside play as I was hoping for.  There was, however, plenty of Wii playing, movie watching and hanging out with cousins.  Once it cleared up outside the boys got to do a little fishing and running around.

Helping pack up for the trip!

Walking from Nana and Papa's to Uncle Matt and Aunt Brandi's in the mist.  Jenna came out to meet us.

Playing a round of Go Fish.

Time for a little Just Dance (the first one) with Logan and Jenna.
Hanging out with Uncle Matt.

Hanging out with Aunt Brandi.

Fever starting to take over, not feeling so well.

More Just Dance - Ajay's medicine was helping him feel better.

With Papa - looking at the chickens roaming the farm, eating bugs.  We brought home several eggs from these chickens!

My favorite - the Golden Seabright, I think Dad called her.

Rooting on KU while Nana gives him a bedtime bottle.

Feeling yucky again before bedtime.

Ahh, yes, meds working, able to go outside and play.

Mom explaining where the new deck is going to be.  Can't wait!

Now there's a farm kid for ya!

Alex finally got a turn to go fishin' with Papa.  Papa caught all the fish.  (Even I tried and had no luck.)

Gave up on fishing but sure enjoyed the mud.
Be careful not to bump into this tree/bush/shrub/whatever it is!

Breathe deeply with me now...ahhhh.

Uncle Eddie playing catch with the younguns.

Enjoying the beautiful weather gifted to us in March.

Dad manning the grill.  Mom did most of the other cooking.  Thanks for a great dinner!
I know this was picture heavy so thanks for sticking with me til the end.  We always enjoy our time out on the farm.  I long for a little extra space for our family, just an acre would do us, but in the meantime I'm grateful for the nice big backyard the boys have to play and run in.

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