Saturday, April 21, 2012

11 months

Aren turned 11 months a couple of days ago.  We went to the doc yesterday because he's been ill (yes, again) and he weighed in at 14lb 5.5oz.  He continues to grow, making us so happy.  He has an ear infection so he started on antibiotics yesterday (not even one year old and he's on antibiotics for the third time - once for pneumonia, twice for an EI in the left ear).

He nurses great, eats solid foods great, sleeps decently - still wakes up 2-3x a night to nurse - and is now starting to cruise.  (Cruising is walking along while holding onto a piece of furniture.)  He is still the most tolorant baby I've ever met.  Alex has a lot of energy and love to share and cannot keep his hands off of Aren.  Aren takes it all in stride.  He is learning, however, to tell Alex, in his own way, that he would rather Alex back off.  I often find Ajay carrying him around and Aren just sorta goes with it. 

He is still toothless.  The other two boys were slow teethers, too.  Ajay's first tooth came through at 9.5 months, Alex's came through at 10.5 months.  I do see some white pressing against the front of his bottom gums, so maybe he'll get a tooth or two before his 1st birthday! 

A few names I call him:
Sweet Pea
Snot Pot (a name I heard my sister-in-law Brandi use) when he's snotty
Grumplestiltskin (Rumplestiltskin) when he's grumpy
Snuggle-Up-agus (Snuffleupagus) - cuz he's a great snuggler!
Stinky McFarland - when it is time for a diaper change
Sneezer Augustus (Caesar Augustus) - when he sneezes

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Anna Cline said...

I am glad he is gaining some weight! Lily didn't get her first teeth until 11 months either! He is such a little darling.